USCSA Southeast Conference

Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Competitions In the Southeast US

Member School Directory And Contact Info

North Carolina Schools

Appalachian State University

 Ski: Willis Hawkins -

 Snowboard: Keegan Hufham - 

Duke University

Jeremy Gottlieb -

East Carolina University

Charles Lake -

Lees-McCrae University

 Aaron Maas - 

North Carolina State University

Dargan Powers -

University Of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

 Tye Zasacky -

Virginia Schools

Bridgewater College

 Evan Knowles -

George Mason University

 John Friedersdorf-

James Madison University

 Ski: Garrett Lazorchak -

Liberty University

 Ryan Leeds -

University Of Virginia

 Alex Lupi -

Virginia Tech

 Ski: Kelsie McKenna -

Washington & Lee University

 Michelle Dreimann - 


Don't see your college on the list?  New individuals and teams can start at any time!  Just contact us at to find out how to rep your school on the slopes this winter!