USCSA Southeast Conference

Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Competitions In the Southeast US

How USCSA Southeast Competition Rules Work

This article might also be titled How To Be Competitive In USCSA Southeast.  USCSA Competition is broken into 3 different areas of competion.  Conference, Regional, and National.

For Alpine Competitors:

Conference - Competition within the Conference is completed in a "regular season" format.  These are a series of 5 to 6 weekends of races (usually 2 per weekend) in which each competitor competes for points and each team competes for points in each event.

Team finishes for each event are determined by the top three times of finishers on their team.  This means that a team will have to have 3 finishers to be competitive.  If there are not 3 finishers, a ghost time will be substituted for the missing racers.  The ghost time is 110 % of the slowest finisher.  Team points are assigned to rank the teams according to their finishes during the season.

Individuals will gain points in each event according to World Cup points that apply points to the top 30 finishers of each weekend.  Awards are given to the top 10 individuals in both Mens and Womens Skiing and Mens and Womens Snowboarding at the end of the year.

To qualify for Regional competition, your team needs to finish in the Top 5 teams ranked by team points during the current season.  Each team in the Top 5 then selects 5 competitors from that team to represent them at Regionals.

To qualify for National competition, your team needs to finish in the Top 3 teams at Regional's. 

Snowboard Competitors:

Inviduals use the same points rules as the Alpine rules above.

To qualify for Regionals, a Snowboard Competitor only has to compete in one Conference event during the season.

To qualify for Nationals, a Snowboard Competitor only has to start one run at Regionals.