USCSA Southeast Conference

Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Competitions In the Southeast US

Athlete Bios FAQ
This page is meant to inform what the different symbols under each profile are and how to understand the different portions of each page.
The Athlete Bios section of this site is merely to let athletes see their results for their Collegiate career in the USCSA Southeast and to be able to share these accomplishments with friends and family members.
Terminology Descriptions:
Hometown - Each athlete's hometown is listed under their school logo
Venue - The place and event the athlete competed in
SL - Slalom
GS - Gant Slalom
SS - Slopestyle
Place - The position the athlete finished in the competition
Field - The field size of the competition (A Team and B Team competitions have different field sizes)
% - The athlete's finishing percentage in the field.  This is calculated like a batting average in baseball and allows genders, genres and events to have some equivalency. This also shows, where on average an athlete would finish in a field of contenders.  B Team races do not get a percentage calculation.
 IronMan/Woman means that athlete has competed in every event available in their discipline during the season!
At any time, any information, except for results, school and name can be removed from an athletes personal page by e-mailing a request to us at
Additionally, new pictures or updated hometown information may also be submitted to to enhance your profile!